What Makes Shopify Stand-Out from Magento Commerce?

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What Makes Shopify Stand-Out from Magento Commerce?

Selecting the right ecommerce platform for your business is a critical decision, as it plays an important part in making your business a successful one or an unsuccessful one (considering that the platform you selected doesn’t match your business requirement). If you’re an entrepreneur looking for an ecommerce platform for your business, or even an existing business planning to switch, there are hundreds of platforms in the market for you to choose from. Amongst the many ecommerce platforms that are present in the market, Magento and Shopify are the two best contenders. Although both of them are completely distinct from each other, they compete head to head in the race to be the winning ecommerce solution provider for businesses.

This article will discuss the reasons that make Shopify stand-out from Magento Commerce.

Shopify is popular for its easy-to-use user interface and the ability for everyone to use it, without having the need to learn anything. You can quickly and easily set-up your online store on Shopify. However, Magento requires you to have knowledge regarding various programming languages. It is technical to operate and requires a team of experts to operate it.

Both the ecommerce platforms are good with proving 24/7 support to their customers. They can be reached via call, email and live chat session.

Furthermore, Shopify is basically a software-as-a-service (SAAS), for which users will have to pay a monthly subscription fees. Not only this, you are provided with a 14 day free trial, if you’re not sure if the software is suitable for your business. The price plans that Shopify offers include: Shopify Basic Plan that costs $29 per month, Shopify Pro Plan that costs $79 per month and unlimited plan which costs $179 per month.

With Magento, there are various other costs associated as well, for example licensing and hosting cost. The community edition is free, but hosting cost will range from $4-$100+ per month.

Furthermore, users can visit the Shopify website in their own native language. It is multi-currency and well as multi-lingual. It also offers the customers will 100+ designs and themes, which are both paid and unpaid.

Therefore, both the software are amazing and unique in their own ways. They are the leading ecommerce solution providers in the market. However, it totally depends on your business needs. For an entrepreneur, Shopify is the perfect software available in the market. Additional Reading: Shopify  Vs. Magento